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Re-open 4th - 5th June 2022

Join us and over 26 global experts!


  • How does the beginning of your life affect you now?

  • How can you change the resulting limitations and trauma?

  • How can future generations thrive from the start?

Join us!

  • Our global community, experts and the co-authors of the Womb to Thrive are gathering to share with you their passionate stories, knowledge, wisdom and expertise.

  • You will hear from leading-edge doctors, midwives, an Emmy-Award winning musician, childbirth educators, documentary and film makers, therapists and more...

  • Join us live in the interactive sessions and networking breakout groups.

  • Enjoy watching documentaries followed by the directors panel discussions.

  • Watch replays at your convenience during the 48 hours after the live session.

  • On weekends 3 presentations per day and one session per day on week days.

  • Registration is free until May 14th, then $67 only.

A display of essential knowledge

The topics include:

  • The power of feeling welcomed

  • The power of sound and music

  • How to transform trauma

  • How to release doubt, worry and fear

  • The future parents whisperer

  • From The Secret Life of the Unborn Child to the Embodied Mind

  • How to benefit from living "In Our Right Minds"

  • The hidden power of water for health and healing

  • The process of the soul's incarnation

  • Why are prenatal memories so important for you?

  • The life-long effect of birth on health, happiness and success

  • The women's body - Nature's best kept secret

  • Ancient wisdom for healthy happy pregnancy

  • Birthing The New Humanity

  • Find out why birth is not meant to be painful

  • Why mothers need support and respect during the birthing process

  • The role and power of fathers

The presentations will be in the form of:

  • Power Point Presentation

  • Interview

  • Talking Circle

  • Film Screening & Panel Discussion

What participants are saying about BTNH events

"The world needs transformation from fear and stress today more than ever, therefore this event comes at the right time with simple methods of addressing fear and stress." Linos "Loved all the insights that I gained. I rolled in and out of AHA moments. Thank you for the valuable insights that you so generously provided." Brechje "It was incredible to have so many essential revelations in such a short time! Very inspiring!" Géraldine

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This book is a wake-up call for humanity!

Far from the fear mongering noise of mainstream media, digital marketplaces and town halls, this mighty new light is dawning on humanity. A global revolution is now taking place : Global peace, happiness, prosperity and health will never come from politicians, academics or corporations as they do not hold the keys to a thriving world.MOTHERS HOLD THESE KEYS!

Our aim is to uncover and heal the underlying causes of widespread fear, violence and suffering that lead to destructive behavior. The time is NOW to embark collectively on this grandiose mission, the most important of all : to enlighten, protect, support and empower mothers in the tremendous influence they have on their child in the womb.

Womb To Thrive Anthology Available on Amazon Now 26 global experts share their amazing stories!

Their groundbreaking work will lead you to understand the importance of the first 1000 days of life, from the moment of conception to age 2.


The BTNH global movement and App are the children of visionaries and co-founders Julie & François Gerland, the international board members and founding members.With over forty years of experience in the field of leading edge prenatal and perinatal psychology and health Julie & François lobbied the United Nations to achieve the global recognition in 2018 of the life-long consequences for health, happiness, success, intelligence and thriving that is laid during the earliest development from conception to infancy.They are convinced that “maternal and paternal empowerment” is a necessary quantum leap obtained by blending nature, nurture and intention so that every human being will not just survive but thrive.

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Womb To Thrive Global Summit

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Womb To Thrive Global Summit

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Womb To Thrive Global Summit

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